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Florida White magic mushrooms are known for their visual stimulation. Wonderful fractals, geometric patterns, and color splashes will dance across your vision.


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Florida White Mushrooms, However was created by users from the popular magic mushroom website Shroomery.

Many versions of the story say that someone named Joshua picked the mushroom in the wild. However, according to users on Shroomery, this isn’t the whole story.

It turns out that a friend of Joshua’s found some magic mushrooms and gave them to Joshua. Joshua took a spore print of the original mushroom and isolated Florida White from it.

After growing out the isolation, he knew he had something special. Another user on the forum took a print from Joshua and realized how incredible it was.

From then on, Florida White magic mushrooms exploded in popularity with growers and trippers.

Appearance of Florida White Magic Mushrooms

Florida White magic mushrooms aren’t white, like some albino strains. Instead, the name comes from the mycelium.

When growing, the mycelium from Florida White is almost a bright white. The mushrooms themselves are large and have wide flat caps.

Once dried, they’ll become a little smaller and shriveled up. One thing you may notice on your Florida White magic mushrooms are blue spots.

These blue spots are called bruises, and they happen to all magic mushrooms. They can occur during harvest, transport, or even storage.

Bruising is totally natural and doesn’t damage them in any way. They’re perfectly safe to eat and are as potent as mushrooms without bruises.

Effects Florida White Magic Mushroom 

Florida White magic mushrooms are known for their visual stimulation. Wonderful fractals, geometric patterns, and color splashes will dance across your vision.

Not only that, but Florida White also provides a great body-high. You’ll feel yourself completely submerged in relaxation after taking Florida White magic mushrooms.

Taking Florida White Magic Mushrooms Recreationally

For a recreational experience full of awe, Florida White magic mushrooms are the one. You’ll have a blast as incredible visuals take hold of your vision.

Florida White is an excellent strain for taking to the beach or even in the living room at home. The body high from this strain will relax you and help you feel one with the world.

The best part is that you’ll feel a pure sense of joy with the world and people around you. However, you need to dose carefully and not take too much for the best recreational experience.

The best magic mushroom experience is a manageable one. Remember to bring enough supplies with you if you take magic mushrooms away from home.

Never drive or operate any machinery during the six or so hours of the trip.

How to Dose Florida White Magic Mushrooms

Florida White is a strain that has a higher than average potency. It’s not the most potent strain out there, but it’s stronger than most.

Experienced psychonauts will likely have no problem, but beginners should be careful.

If you’ve never taken magic mushrooms before, then here’s a general guide for P. cubensis:

  • .25 grams (g) for a threshold dose (should feel something)
  • .25-1g for a light dose (recreational dose)
  • 1-2.5g for a medium dose (recreational dose)
  • 5-5g for a strong dose (recreational to spiritual dose)
  • 5g+ for an extreme dose (spiritual dose)

Remember, this is just a general guideline, and you’ll need to find your dose. Things like weight, age, and metabolism all play a role in how psilocybin will affect you.

That means that you should start at a light to medium dose and go from there. It’s always better to take less rather than get into a trip you didn’t expect.

How to Take Florida White Magic Mushrooms

Taking magic mushrooms is a cinch. You can either eat them straight up, bake them into something, or make a shroom tea.

Eating them straight up is the most popular method. However, the chitin in the dried mushrooms can cause an upset stomach.

That’s why we recommend making a shroom tea. A Florida White mushroom tea can be made in a few steps:

  1. Grind or chop your weighed out dose of Florida White magic mushrooms
  2. Put the dose into a cup, and pour boiling water over it
  3. Steep 10-15 minutes
  4. Strain out the bits of mushroom (or leave them)
  5. Bottoms up!

As a side note, shroom teas work a little faster and sometimes hit a little harder.


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4 reviews for Buy Florida White Mushrooms

  1. Kati

    these meanies are crazy
.by far the best out there will buy again and again

  2. Steve F

    I had a peoblem with UPS who broke my box.
    The customer service talked with me and send the same box (few weeks after).
    I recommend, if mistake happen (even if its not theyr fault) they will help you.

  3. Charles K

    Fantastic trip!! I ate the whole bar in one go and had the most vivid colour hallucinations! I was seeing colours I’ve never seen before, as well as geometric lines and curves in everything I looked at. And I could not stop laughing! Everything was funny, even the feeling of my own skin! I had a phone call with my brother while on the stuff and he was totally tripping me out but it was the best. It kind of made me feel like we are living in the matrix

    I’d never had a mushroom trip before and I’d heard stories from others but this was far better than any stories I’ve heard!
    Also, I really liked the flavour, You cannot go wrong with dark chocolate and sea salt! I will be buying this again 🙂

  4. Xan

    i didnt eat shrooms in a year i just ate one of these and i saw sacred geometry in nature. i saw the flower of life imbedded into the plants and trees, i saw metatrons cube spinning in the middle of the park. i could see peoples auras some were like rainbows some people had none. i took a bath when i came home and my bathroom was litt with some rainbow aura. closing my eyes i noticed intense patterns. i love these and will get them again 4sure

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