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Psilocybe cubensis (various strains) 10ml vial Sporemate


Buy Psilocybe cubensis (various strains) 10ml vial Sporemate


Vial contains 10 ml of spore suspension. Sterile syringe, alcohol swab and instructions are included.

PES Amazonia- This strain was discover in the Amazon basin. This is one of the quickest growing strains available that also produces a massive yield of mushrooms which often reach a height of 30 cm.

Excellent in vitro (in the bag) and quite dependable on BRF (brown rice flour and vermiculite: PF TEK). Also fruits well   on grains and pasteurized or sterilized substrates (like compost and straw). This is one of the strains that is recommended for starting cultivators

Nepal Chitwa– This strain was found in Chitwan National Park in Nepal, at the foot of the Himalayas of both substrate and casing, and it produces medium sized fruits.

Golden Teacher – One of the most popular strains in our assortment, Golden Teacher is truly a classic. Slightly slower to colonize and fruit than others, but erupts in massive flushes. Medium to large fruits with caps that have a beautiful golden color. Later flushes can also be quite abundant. Considered a potent strain and adaptable to a broad variety of substrates.

B+ – This strain grows aggressively on a wide variety of substrates and within a broad temperature range (even as low as 15 degrees Celsius). When grown on nutritious substrates such as cased grains, compost and straw, B+ has the potential to produce enormous mushrooms, easily achieving a height of one foot (30 cm) or higher.

Thai – This strain from Thailand is very suitable for beginners. The colonization speed is average and it fruits very easily. The mushrooms come in large quantities at once, and during later flushes they can become pretty big.

Treasure Coast – Treasure Coast is a term for a region (east coast) in the state of Florida (U.S.A) where this mushroom was discover. Treasure Coast is a quick colonizer, and quite forgiving.

It is often an extreme colonizer of casing (peat and coco) and encapsulates everything available with a dense mycelium prior to it’s first fruiting cycle.

This strain typically produces a larger overall yield as well as quantity of individual mushrooms (compared with the Amazonian), but spread out over more flushes. In fact this strain flushes and flushes and flushes, with little time in between each flush.

Also known to produce occasional albinos. Above average in vitro (in the bag) fruiting. Also fruits well on BRF, on grain, and on pasteurized or sterilized substrates (i.e.compost ,straw, etc.). Loves the outdoors.

Tampanensis “Pollock” – This is “the” tampanensis strain. It is possibly the rarest mushroom currently known to man,

with all strains originating from a single specimen collect in the area of Tampa, Florida by the late Dr. Steven Pollock.

A second sighting was supportly report from Mississippi, however no culturable material was obtaine.

Excellent sclerotia-production on wide variety of grains, particularly the traditional rye grass seed, and rice substrates.

Capable of wall-to-wall flushes of rather potent mushrooms on case grains and spawn substrates.

Fanaticus – This is the original Psilocybe Fanaticus strain that is renowned for its preference for BRF (brown rice flour and vermiculite: the celebrate PF TEK). Psilocybe cubensis (various strains) 10ml vial Sporemate

It fruits very quickly. In fact pinning begins immediately after it has completed colonization. There is also very little time between each flush.

It’s recommend that spawn or substrate of this strain are incubate in a dark place and/or the use of a lightbulb high in red spectrum to inhibit premature pinning prior to the initiation of fruiting. This strain produces short but very thick mushrooms.

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PES Amazonia, Nepal Chitwa, Golden Teacher, B+, Thai, Treasure Coast, Tampanensis “Pollock, Fanaticus 


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